It has been brought to our attention that there have been several recent attempts to impersonate Grace Financial Limited or persons associated with our company. These attempts may be in the form of emails or other communication by individuals claiming to represent Grace Financial Limited. Please note that emails from the domain “” have not been authorized by us. The domain “” is not the domain of our company. Please note that we do not have offices outside of Hong Kong.

If you ever receive an e-mail allegedly from Grace Financial Limited asking for a meeting and/or any personal / sensitive information, you should NOT RESPOND TO IT AND NOTIFY US IMMEDIATELY BY EMAIL AT ENQUIRY@GRACEFINANCIALLTD.COM OR BY PHONE AT (852) 3965-7377. Do not open any attachments or click on any links within the email as they may be compromised. If you would like to verify the validity of a communication, please contact us at the email or telephone number provided above.



恩荣金融是一家綜合家族办公室(Multi Family Office),擅长为高资产净值家族在生活中的各方面, 包括从确立目标到执行复杂计划,提供协助。服务范畴涵盖投资建议及管理、财产策划和家族管理 ---- 需要时会为客户拣选合适的外部专家作为顾问。